Christian Service Program

Through the Mater Dei Christian Service Program (CSP), students are provided a structured program in which they can better understand the reality of service to others. Ideally, the CSP allows our students to experience Christianity in a dynamic way by actively participating in a wide variety of community service opportunities.

Minimum Requirements/Deadlines per Semester



First Semester Due Date: November 26, 2018

Freshman: 10 hours

Sophomore: 30 hours

Junior: 50 hours

Senior: 70 hours


Second Semester Due Date: March 18, 2019

Freshman: 20 hours

Sophomore: 40 hours

Junior: 60 hours

Senior: 80 hours (40 must be direct) & Reflection Complete


Each MD student must record a minimum of 10 hours per semester while attending MD in order to receive a passing grade each semester.


Transfer Student Requirement: 10 hours per semester while attending MD.  At least half of the required hours must be direct.

Students who have not completed their Christian Service Graduation Requirement (min. of 80 hours of community service- with 40 of those hours being “direct” service hours – and the successful completion of their essay or oral presentation) will not be permitted to participate in the Graduation Exercises of that year’s graduating class.