Christian Service Program » Service Hour Due Dates: 2021-22

Service Hour Due Dates: 2021-22

Christian service hours are due each semester. Students are to upload their hours to their MobileServe account upon completion of the service event. This should take place within 24 hours of the service event.

Service hours can begin to accrue starting the first day of summer break preceding the upcoming academic school year. Submit service hours to MobileServe within 24 hours of completion. Hours that surpass the 10-hour minimum requirement for the semester will “roll over” to the next semester requirement. 

A minimum of 10 hours per semester is due:
1st Semester Due Date is January 3, 2022
2nd Semester Due Date is April 29, 2022

Note: In order to achieve the Senior Service Award of 400+ hours served, ALL hours must be submitted, verified and approved by April 29, 2022. These students are awarded an honor cord to wear at graduation.