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All volunteer service hours are recorded and tracked on the MobileServe app on your iPad or phone. It is recommended that students download the MobileServe app to their phone so that logging hours can be done as soon as the student leaves the service event/activity.



You may begin earning volunteer service hours for Mater Dei as soon as you complete 8th grade.  Transfer students may begin earning volunteer service hours for Mater Dei beginning June 1, 2022. 
All hours will be entered into the MobileServe app.  Your MobileServe app will be activated at the start of the school year.  Your MobileServe account must be connected to Mater Dei via your Mater Dei student email. 
When volunteering this summer at a charitable organization or agency, keep track of the following: 
Name of the Agency
Dates of volunteer service
Number of hours served
Name of supervisor
Email address of supervisor for verification.  
You will be able to add all of this information once your account is created by Mater Dei.  
Enjoy summer and go out and Do Good!  Happy volunteering!!