Summer School 2021, June 21st-July 23rd


Credit Advancement courses to earn credits to get ahead in placement or to get requirements out of the way to pursue other interests during the school year (UC approved)

Credit Recovery courses to recover previous D or F grades (UC approved)

Incoming Freshmen High School Preparatory classes to prepare for success

Workshops to prepare for success and explore interests

We welcome current Mater Dei students, our incoming Freshmen, and students from other high schools to attend. 

All Mater Dei Summer School courses follow the Mission & Philosophy of Mater Dei High School, providing an excellent Catholic education. Let our experienced and knowledgeable teachers guide your student this Summer!

onlineMost Summer School 2021 courses will be offered in an ONLINE format. Some Incoming Freshmen courses are not. If Incoming Freshmen, please see the Incoming Freshmen page for details. 
Details of our Online Format:
    • Includes options for in-person and online help & tutoring
    • Includes synchronous curriculum with live online teaching
        • Be sure to check the times that classes are offered; with synchronous courses it is important to be available during the class time to take advantage of live time with the instructor
    • All Credit Advancement courses will be online
    • All Credit Recovery courses will be online
    • Incoming Freshmen courses
      • Many are online, some are not (see the Incoming Freshmen page to determine which classes your incoming Freshmen student needs to take- please have your Admissions Letter ready and use that to guide you from the Incoming Freshmen page)
electronic device neededMDHS will NOT provide electronic devices (including iPads) for checkout during Summer 2021. Students will need a personal computer, tablet, or Chromebook
Device requirements: camera/webcam, microphone
Students taking Art 1 for Advancement will need a personal touchscreen tablet with a stylus (pointed tip like Apple pencil)
Students taking Digital Photography 2 for Advancement will need a DSLR camera (limited # of DSLR cameras available to MDHS students for checkout)
  • Schedules have been emailed to a Parent Email for each student who registered by June 17th. Summer School Administrators are working hard to add any who registered after June 17th. Registrations should be completed no later than June 20th for courses.
  • Students with ONLINE classes will receive ZOOM information from their teacher(s) by Monday morning (around 8am). Parents will receive the ZOOM information as well. 
  • MDHS Summer Health & Safety guidelines are now available- please click here