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The Health Office is available to students to support their physical and mental well being.  The nurses and health services office promotes health and safety throughout campus.  The Health Office has supplies available to students such as cough drops, band-aids, feminine hygiene products, face masks, and general first aid products.  Mater Dei has 9 AED units on campus if needed in an emergency.  Our Athletic Trainers, Coaches and Nurses are all CPR Certified.

Health Office: General Information

1.      Health Office Visit: Except in an emergency, students are not admitted to the Health Office without a pass, which indicates that they reported to class and are absent from the classroom with the teacher's permission.  Students may also come to the health office during non class periods. Students will check in to the health office by scanning thier student ID to be seen by a nurse.  Students will be given a pass upon leaving to either return to class or leave campus if they are going home.

2.      Medication: Any student who must take medication (prescription and/or non-prescription) during school hours is required to contact the Health Office.  There is a Diocese of Orange medication request form that must be completed and signed by a doctor for the health office to give medication during school hours.  All medications must be kept in the Health Office and will be in a locked medication cart. The school does not furnish medication to the students per (Diocesan school regulation #6013). The Health Office staff will contact the parents of those students who are not taking required medications. Medications shall not be furnished to a student by school personnel.  This applies to both OTC drugs, such as Tylenol, Aspirin, Advil, Midol, etc., and prescription medications.  Students may carry the medications to the health office as long as it remains in the container it was purchased in along with the medication request form and instructions indicating when the medication needs to be taken.   All student medications should have a Medication Request form on file in the health office. A separate form is required for each medication. EpiPen's and Inhalers can be carried by students but there must be a medication request form on file in the health office.

3.     Medical Conditions:  In order to meet the specific health needs of students, it is very important that the Health Office be informed in writing of medical conditions/problems which may affect the student's school performance.  This includes conditions such as: Diabetes, Epilepsy, Severe Allergies, Lung and Heart Conditions, Auto Immune Diseases or any condition that teachers and counselors should be made aware of. All medical conditions should be entered into Healthy Roster in the Important Medical Information section under Student/Athlete Details and updated as needed. There is a Temporary Medical Accommodation form that should be completed and signed by a doctor if there are specific learning accommodations that need to be managed. The Health Office will inform teachers and counselors of any situations that may require learning accommodations. 

4.      Chronic Conditions Requiring Medications:  All students with a chronic health condition requiring daily medication/treatment should provide the Health Office with an individualized health maintenance kit to be used in the case of a disaster (3-5 day supply).

5.     Student Illness:  In order to prevent the spread of contagious diseases, students should not come to school with a fever and/or rash of unknown origin. Students must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to campus. In case of student illness that comes on while at school, the parents/guardians will be notified and are to provide transportation home.

6.      Immunizations:  All students must meet California State Immunization requirements before admission to Mater Dei.  Students who have not met these requirements will not be allowed to attend classes unless they are up to date or on a schedule to receive the required immunizations for K-12 schools.      

7.     Covid: Face masks are available in the Health Office and in classrooms. Visit the Covid page for more information. To report a positive case complete the covid reporting form.

8.    Sunscreen:  Sun protection cream is available for students in the Health Office.

Hours and Location

Hours: A registered nurse or other medical staff is available during regularly scheduled school days from: 7:30a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Phone number: (714) 850-9520
Cell phone: (714) 955-3019
Location: The Health Office is located between the Main Office and the Attendance/Dean's Office.