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Mater Dei's iPad Program

Every student and teaching faculty member at Mater Dei utilizes an Apple iPad, a device that enhances our students' learning and overall educational experience, and prepares them for college and beyond.
Mater Dei integrates the iPad into our music, theatre, choral and visual arts programs, as well as our many extracurricular programs. Not only is the iPad a formidable tool in advancing learning, but it also makes the classroom experience more dynamic and engaging for our students.
Mater Dei remains committed to providing its students with the best education possible, equipping them with the knowledge and tools they will need both now and in the future.
iPad Lifecycle
The iPad is refreshed every two years for students. This helps ensure the most current technology is being used in the classroom. The current cycle refreshes on odd years, meaning the next refresh for students will take place in Fall 2023. The iPad is not available for purchase by students at the end of the two year cycle.
iPad Distribution
As a Freshman, or during a refresh year, students will receive their Apple iPad at Resource and Device Distribution (ReDD) Days. At this event, students will also review their schedule and purchase required physical resources for the school year.
iPad Return
Senior students will return their iPad when graduation materials are distributed. Each student must return their iPad to participate in a graduation ceremony. More information will be posted on senior class graduation pages as the end of the year gets closer.
During a refresh year, all other students will turn their iPad in to a teacher during one of their last classes. The schedule will be provided to students in advance to prepare for this process. In the event that students turn in their iPad before final exams are taken, physical resources will be provided to help students prepare for their exams.
Student Restrictions on the iPad
While it may be tempting to download apps for personal use, it is important to remember that the device is for educational purposes only. As such, Mater Dei utilizes a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform, Jamf School, to manage the iPad and restrict the use of unapproved applications or other content on the iPad. Jamf School also manages student wifi access at school, and is used in the classroom to assist teachers with managing devices during class.
Because apps are restricted to an approved list, students are encouraged to use the Jamf School Student app, which is automatically installed on every device, to download apps for their iPad. If there is an educational app that a student would like to have access to on the iPad, it must be approved through the proper channels. To start this process, students can make an app request. The app will be reviewed by the Technology department and Administration, and any approved apps will be added to the approved app list.
Managed Apple ID
Starting with the 2021-2022 School Year, Mater Dei will be managing the Apple IDs provided to students to use on their Mater Dei iPad. For returning students, the Apple ID will look identical to the Apple ID they were using previously, however now it is fully managed by Mater Dei. This allows Mater Dei to provide better support for students when there is a problem with their iPad or Apple ID. Students receive 200GB of iCloud storage with their new Apple ID, opposed to 5GB provided previously for a personal Apple ID.
Having trouble with your Apple ID? See the Tech Hub for support, located inside the library.