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Technical Support

On campus support is available at the Tech Hub, located in the Library and Learning Commons
Phone: (714) 850-9587
Library Hours
Monday-Friday | 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Student Accounts and Password Support
All students are provided a Mater Dei email address and password. This same information is used to create an Apple ID, Google Drive, and other accounts for school use. Students are not permitted to change their password for these accounts. If there is a security or other issue that arises, IT administration can change the password and add multi-factor authentication as needed to protect an account.
Students CAN change their password for the following accounts:
  • Canvas
  • Aeries
  • Aleks
  • Other accounts created by the student for school use
Students are not authorized to use their school email to create accounts for non-academic accounts including social media, shopping, or other personal needs.
Apple Support
For Apple technical support with your iPad outside of school hours, students may contact Apple Education: 800-800-2775, then option 3 for the iPad. You will need your iPad serial number to give to the Apple representative, which can be found under General settings or on the back of the device. Hours of support are 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., PST.
Lost & Stolen iPads
An iPad that is lost on campus may be turned in to the Tech Hub, Dean's office, or Security office (located by the pool). If you are missing your iPad, please come into the Library to report it missing & to see if it was turned in. Tech Hub staff can also turn your iPad on "lost mode" to play a sound and attempt to have it returned ASAP. Mater Dei does not cover the cost of a lost iPad, in the event that it cannot be found.
In the event an iPad is stolen, a police report must be filed immediately in the city where the theft occurred, and the incident must be reported to the Tech Hub as soon as possible. If the iPad is not recovered by the IT & Security Teams, then replacement of the iPad will be addressed by the IT Support Team. The replacement cost of the iPad will be covered only if a police report is filed within 5 days of the theft.