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Mater Dei's iPad Program

1.  How did this plan come to fruition?

Mater Dei had been contemplating the addition of a one-to-one initiative for years. No one device or operating platform ever seemed capable of offering the value and return on educational investment. With the release of the first generation iPad, Mater Dei recognized the potential of a device that was cost effective, educationally valuable, durable and long lasting, as well as enjoyable to use.

2. How will Mater Dei cover the cost of the iPad one-to-one program?

Each Mater Dei student will be charged an iPad Technology Use Fee that will be taken out of the first tuition payment. Subsequently, if a student withdraws from Mater Dei at any time the iPad Technology Use Fee will not be refunded.

3.  Will this affect the way teaching occurs in the classroom?

This one-to-one program will expand upon the core curriculum while adding a tool that excites and engages students at every level of Mater Dei's holistic education.  We have experienced students, parents, and teachers communicating via the iPad on a regular basis.  We have been utilizing iPad compatible assessment and testing tools for the classroom, and will continue to integrate technology into the curriculum in places where it enhances learning.

4.  Can I use my personal iPad? 

No, students are rquired to use school-owned devices for this program.  Because of the way the devices will be managed at an enterprise level, all of these devices will be owned by the school.  Enterprise level management will allow for the school to push applications to the devices, remotely lock or wipe data from the iPads, and other network functions.  We utilize ZuluDesk which tracks all mobile assets across our institution, configures policies and settings, distributes apps and secures access to school networks and resources. ZuluDesk ensures devices are compliant with school policies and monitor violations in real time. 

 5.  Why would I "rent" a device from you when I can go buy one for less?
The Mater Dei technology use fee includes more than just the use of an iPad:
  • use of the device
  • specific apps like Notability
  • a comprehensive warranty
  • a dedicated Tech Hub with 2 full time specialists that provide support to students
  • Schoolwide state of the art Wifi network
  • internet firewall and filters
  • Library research databases
  • mobile device management software 
  • subscriptions to educational services including ALEKS, Membean, Discovery Education
  • use of an advanced Learning Management System in the form of Canvas
  • and other infrastructure enhancements to make this program a success.

6.  How will a students' safety online be ensured?

Mater Dei uses a wireless internet infrastructure to provide appropriate access control to the iPad. Only WiFi iPads will be used at Mater Dei which allows for control of what access the students have online.  We also provide CIPA compliant web filtering.  In addition, we are continually keeping abreast of "best practices" in regards to keeping students safe online.  Finally, our student online behavior will be governed by the Mater Dei iPad Authorized Use Policy.

7.  Will students be allowed to take iPads home?

Once the iPad has been assigned to a student and the student and parents have agreed to Mater Dei's iPad Authorized Use Policy the students will be permitted  to use the iPad at home or at school.

8.  Are iPads expected to replace text books?

Over 90% of textbooks are now eBooks with just a few classes requiring printed textbooks. Digital texts offer numerous advantages that are likely to enrich the learning experience of the student.  Mater Dei will make every effort to use a value added approach to digital textbooks; an approach which we believe will be cost effective to all MDHS families.  

9.  What if an iPad is lost or damaged?
The iPad is Mater Dei High School property and is loaned to the student for the school year. Students are ultimately responsible for the care and well being of the device. According to other schools using one-to-one initiatives, students are very protective of any mobile technology device they receive.  Mater Dei provides an "MD iPad Protection Plan".  Please see the "MD iPad Protection Plan" link on the menu to the right of this page for further information.