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What is ASB?

ASB (Associated Student Body) involves four ASB officers, three class officers at each grade level, approximately 40 senior, 75 junior, 50 sophomore and 100 freshmen commissioners and 65 class senators.
The activities director, associate activities directors, and class advisors provide training and guidance, and coordinate this active working structure of more than 300 students.
The ASB student leaders organize and coordinate more than 100 activities and events each year. The faculty and administration know that students are the heart of the school community and therefore encourage student input and feedback at every opportunity.
Many alumni got their start participating in Mater Dei activities and now hold prestigious leadership positions around the country in major corporations, the community, the Church and the U.S. Government. Through student involvement and the encouragement of faculty and administration, student activities contribute to the school’s positive climate.
2023-24 ASB Slogan: Lead with Pride