Alumni Career Day

The College and Career Center, in conjunction with the Alumni Office, holds a Career Day for juniors each winter. Students have the opportunity to speak to Mater Dei alumni about their chosen careers and the path they took to get there. They attend two sessions in careers of their choice and then are welcome to speak to the presenters at our Career Fair during upper lunch. Utilizing the entire campus, we work to provide as many career options as possible to the junior students to explore.

Each year over 40 speakers are on campus sharing information on careers ranging from law enforcement to computer programming, real estate to nursing. Of the 40+ speakers, most are Mater Dei graduates with current and lifetime parents as well as friends of MD stepping in where needed. We are so fortunate to have so many alumni willing to come back to their alma mater to share vital career planning information with our current students.

If you would like to be involved in Career Day, please contact Kathleen Kelly '94, (714) 850-9536
Thank you to everyone who made 2018's Career Day one of the most successful yet!