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Olympic Club Mission Statement:
The purpose of the Olympic Club is to encourage gifts to Mater Dei’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams to assist with all costs associated with running top rate athletic programs.
The Mater Dei Cross Country and Track & Field teams have established themselves as two of the premier programs in Orange County, CIF, and the State. 

In Cross Country, both the girls and boys programs have won a CIF Championship under Coach Martinez’s direction and produced numerous college athletes. 

On the Track, under the leadership of Rick Martinez '83, in over 25 years as the boys' and girls' head coach, the Monarchs have dominated the Trinity League, won 7 Orange County Team Championships, 3 CIF Team Championships, and 1 CIF State title.   Overall the Track & Field program has produced 41 CIF Champions, 13 CIF Masters Champions, and 5 State Champions!  More school records have been broken in the last 25 years than in any time in Mater Dei Track & Field history. 

The Olympic Fund has been established to provide all interested student-athletes the opportunity to be members of these successful programs.  Our objective is to raise funds to help defray student costs, provide the best coaching and equipment and allow our athletes to experience the success of competitive sports while learning teamwork as well as other valuable life skills.  The Olympic Club will also strengthen the teams as a whole as we will be able to attract student-athletes who might choose not participate in a sport at Mater Dei due to financial hardships.  We want to create more opportunities for these special athletes to become great student-athletes and Mater Dei community leaders.

For more information, contact Kathleen Kelly '94 or Rick Martinez '83.
Or you may call the Office of Alumni & Advancement at (714) 850-9534
Magdaleno Basilio, 2019 Legacy Award Recipient

"Track and XC means being part of a great community where hard work and fun meet. Each day there is a new challenge one which you and your teammates help one another to be successful. For the past 4 years it has been the most crucial part of who I have become. It has taught me skills that I will talk into my life to achieve all that I strive for. It means more than a sport to me because of the friendships and all that I have achieved. It has shaped and molded me into the person that I am today. Through the 4 years I have made friends with all types of people and the bonds are some of the strongest out there. Participating for track and xc have made me believe in myself and helped me realize that no challenge is to hard when you set your mind to it. Teammates are just other people on the team but family that help and support you in all you do."

Emma Radan, 100H, 300IH, 400m Relay, 1600m Relay School Record holder, 2014 100H CIF Champion

“Mater Dei Track & Field has taught me discipline, strength, and numerous core values that will last a lifetime. The program is truly in a class of it’s own. I am extremely grateful for the attentive coaching and I cherish all of the memories with teammates I now consider my second family.”

Tara Radan, 400m and 400m Relay School Record Holder, 2013 400m Masters Champion

“Being on the Mater Dei track team was truly a transformative experience. The staff provided a coaching experience superior to any other academic institution; they were always there for guidance and words of wisdom when one needed them the most. The program taught me lessons that one may not necessarily find in a classroom - strength, an exceptional work ethic, resilience & confidence. My experience with Mater Dei track and field was one like no other and I would do anything to re-live some of those moments!”

Sam VanDorpe, 800m school record holder, 2018 800m Masters and CIF Champion

"Training at Mater Dei not only provided me with state of the art facilities and staff, but also taught me how to work harder, smarter, and more efficient. The emphasis on mental toughness was key to my successes in XC/track, academics, and life as a whole."

Curtis Godin, 100m, 200m, 400m School Record holder, 2014 CIF State 100m and 200m Champion

"Being a part of the Track and Field team at Mater Dei was integral to my development as a person. The teammates and coaches who surrounded me during my time on the team taught me how to be successful and always strive for greatness. I will always remember the memories I made competing on the track."

Ashlyn Rambo, 800m and 1600m, 1600m Relay School Record holder, 2014 CIF 800m Champion "The Mater Dei Track and XC program was not only a place where I met some of my best friends and was privileged to be coached by amazing role models, but it was an experience that shaped me into a better athlete and person of character. I would not be where I am or who I am today without the lessons I learned, competition I faced, and the experiences and memories from the program that I will never forget."