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Innovation Foundation

The MD Robotics Team is dedicated to providing learning opportunities and to provide a solid STEM foundation for students who would like to follow that interest in their future careers. Being a member of the robotics team program allows students to follow their passions and be part of a team that teaches valuable life skills.


The robotics team is unique because it is one of the only places on campus where students can make their own ideas come to life through a tangible robot, and where every single member—whether they came up with a design, constructed a part, or wrote a line of code—contributes to the robot’s success. In order to realize these ideas, team members learn to write code, create CAD models, and even program a CNC machine to fabricate a precision part. They also gain hands on experience with power tools such as the drill press and the cold saw. The experience that members gain from being part of the team goes far beyond robotics and will stick with them as valuable skills no matter what career path they choose to follow.


Your donation to our program will help us to improve the experience for our team members in various ways. These funds allow us to purchase power tools that assist the team in the creation of the robot and expand the skill set the team members have. Your generosity helps us to buy new parts which allows us to build a functional robot and gives us leeway for virtually limitless imagination in what our robot can accomplish. It will also help with the expansion of the robotics team workspace to accommodate for new members and it will allow us to enter more competitions per season in order to gain more experience and improve the team’s competition skills.

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