Josef LOVED Mater Dei

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Josef truly LOVED Mater Dei. He loved the students and alumni. He loved the faculty and staff. He loved the parents. He just loved. In this final video, we explore the deep LOVE Josef had for Mater Dei through the service, compassion and respect he demonstrated throughout his life.

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  • 2:10 CBS News Tells Josef's Story - 2002

    CBS News, Los Angeles visited campus back in 2002 to tell Josef's Story. Enjoy seeing Josef on campus and hearing about his passion for Mater Dei.

    Uploaded Apr 02, 2019
  • --:-- Who Was Josef D'Heygers

    As we kick off our inaugural Josef Day on April 17, we asked current students what they knew of Josef. Most (if not all) did not know who he was. Our alumni faculty shared rumors and tall-tales of him during their high school years. Stay tuned for more as we walk in Josef's path starting April 15 and culminating on his birthday and now special day, April 17.

    Uploaded Apr 11, 2019

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