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iPad Return

Students return their iPad at the end of Senior year or at the end of Spring Semester during a refresh year for students in 9th-11th grade:
  • Senior students will return their iPad when graduation materials are distributed. Each student must return their iPad to receive their graduation materials and participate in the graduation ceremony.
  • In a refresh year, all other students will turn their iPad in to a teacher during their last class of the school year. The schedule will be provided to students near the end of the year to prepare for this process. In the event that students turn in their iPad before final exams are taken, physical resources will be provided to help students prepare for their exams.
2023 iPad Collection Details
  Date Time Location
Monday, May 22nd
Murillo Athletic Center
Tuesday, May 23rd
9th-11th grade students Thursday, June 8th Block 4 Classrooms
All students should backup their iPad to iCloud. It is also strongly recommended to create a secondary backup for important documents from the iPad or saved to iCloud using Google Drive, OneDrive, and/or a personal account. See these pages for help backing up your data and documents:
iCloud Backup Notability -> Google Drive Photo/Media -> OneDrive
Students have 200GB of storage to backup their device data & documents; this is strongly recommended for all students Backing up Notability documents to Google Drive or another file storage area in addition to iCloud is strongly recommended in case the app crashes and documents are removed from the app. Photos and other media can easily be backed up to OneDrive with one button, rather than worrying about individually sending to another device such as a phone.
Need to transfer a Google Drive document to a personal account? See this page for information about transferring ownership of a document saved on Google Drive.
Seniors, make sure you also do the following:
  1. Download a copy of any data you wish to have access to in the future:
    1. iCloud data must be saved to a personal storage account
    2. Google Drive data can be saved using Google Takeout
    3. OneDrive data can be saved using the Mover Wizard
  2. Prepare for your email to be deactivated
    1. Forward any important emails from your MD Email to a personal email account
    2. Do you use your email to log in to any websites? Change your email address information for those sites as soon as possible.
    3. Save any contacts needed
1. Remove any personal stickers from your iPad case (leave barcode stickers on)
2. Verify that your iPad and keyboard case are in good condition and not damaged in any way
    • Each student is covered for one incident of damage each school year through the non-refundable Technology Fee
    • Students are responsible to cover the cost of any damage after the first incident, or total loss of the iPad and/or case: 
      • Screen damage or bent iPad, $50
      • Lost iPad case (iPad still in good condition), $140
      • Lost iPad or damage beyond repair, $600
3. Reset your iPad to factory settings
    • Log out of your iCloud account
    • Turn off your passcode
    • Erase all content and settings
      • iOS 14: Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings
      • iOS 15 & 16: Settings > General > Transfer or Reset > Erase all content and settings
Note: Starting in the 2024-2025 school year, students will return the iPad as a Sophomore, Senior, or withdrawing student only, regardless of the calendar year. More information will be provided as we get closer to May 2025.