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STEM Program- Home

Mater Dei is proud to offer a robust STEM program for our students.
Students interested in the medical field, engineering, computer programming, animal science, forensics, as well as any general interest in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics, will find specially tailored pathways and assistance in further customizing their STEM experience to their unique interests and needs through our Science Department.
Students looking to specialize in STEM will take a Science and Math course, as well as a STEM elective in engineering, coding, or Computer Science throughout all four years. In addition to STEM electives, all Science students complete STEM projects in their classes.
Many students with an interest in engineering also join our Robotics competitive team. Our Robotics team is hands-on engineering and programming experience at its finest and students have access to state of the art equipment in a newly re-designed facility.
Students interested in medicine or any Life Science will find a one-of-kind learning experience through the use of BodyViz virtual dissection software. 3D BodyViz images are created from real CT and MRI data and allow students to experience real-world instruction of anatomy and professional-level diagnostics.
Many of our Science courses have partnered with doctors, hospitals, wildlife preserves, and government agencies, such as the FBI in the case of our Forensic Science class, to provide students with connections to career experiences and unique field trip opportunities.
Additionally, each year the Science Department offers a chance for students to experience Science abroad through trips to places like Australia and Costa Rica.
Students can even earn a STEM Distinction on their transcript if they are involved in STEM courses, clubs, guest speaking events, internship opportunities, and other STEM experiences throughout their time at Mater Dei.