Entrance Exam

Who needs to take the MDHS Entrance Exam (HSPT) and WHY? 

Students applying for FRESHMAN admission for the 2021-22 school year.

The exam consists of multiple choice sections in language arts and mathematics.

Results of the Entrance Exam are a major factor in determining a student's acceptance or non-acceptance to Mater Dei High School. The exam (HSPT) tests students' grade level abilities in reading, language, and math skills and helps determine placement in the appropriate English, Math and Science courses as they enter Mater Dei High School.

Specific scores from the Entrance Exam and qualifying exams can determine if a student is qualified to be enrolled in an honors or upper level course as an incoming freshman. Our English, Math and Foreign Language Departments offer qualifying exams in the spring to determine a student’s exact course placement for the fall.

Transfer students DO NOT need to take the Entrance Exam.

Testing Dates

Thursday, March 11, 2021 at Mater Dei High School - Click here to register!

Testing will occur between the hours of 4pm-7pm. Start times will be staggered to adhere to social distancing guidelines. The week of the exam, your student will be assigned an arrival time with detailed instructions. 

There will be a confirmation email once your response is submitted. An email will be sent home with details on arrive/pickup, what to bring, etc. the week of the test date. 

Taking the test at a different school?

If you are taking the Entrance Exam at a different school, please make sure they are giving the High School Placement Test (HSPT). Also, please fill out this FORM and have the school you are taking your exam at email your scores to admissions@materdei.org. Should you have any questions, please call (714) 754-1175.

Extra Testing Time

For students requesting extra test time due to learning/attention differences, a current (within three years), comprehensive testing report with a substantiated diagnosis must be submitted for review to Dr. Kathleen Montemagni (kmontemagni@materdei.org) in The Center for Learning at least one week prior to the entrance exam.  Please submit testing reports only (504 Plans, IEP’s, and ILP’s without testing reports are not used in qualification for extra time).

What to Bring on Exam Day

  • The $75 application fee covers the Entrance Exam, and must be paid in advance. No payments will be accepted at the door on the day of the exam. 
  • An index card with the following information: home address, parent phone number(s), parent e-mail(s), name of child’s current school, name of parish (if applicable)
  • A light snack and drink is also recommended as there will be breaks throughout the testing period.

Students do not need to bring pencils, erasers or paper. Mater Dei provides all testing materials.  Please note that calculators are not permitted.

Applying to More than One Catholic High School?

If your child is applying to more than one high school that requires the HSPT, he/she only needs to sit for the exam ONE time; however we do recommend they test at their first choice school. We administer the HSPT test.  If your child is testing elsewhere, be certain he/she is taking the HSPT exam at that school.

If the student is testing at another school, please enclose the $75 application fee (check payable to Mater Dei High School) if you did not pay via credit card when you completed the application.

Please request for scores to be forwarded to Mater Dei from the school where your student tests by mail, fax (714-754-1880) or e-mail admissions@materdei.org.