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The school registrar oversees the Mater Dei's Student Information System (SIS), Aeries. If you require an update to your student's school record including parent/guardian contact information, please contact the registrar. Communication with our parent community is vital and we appreciate your cooperation in ensuring your record is accurate. 
The registrar also supports students in obtaining copies of transcripts, work permits, and how to request a withdrawal from Mater Dei. 
We process all transcript requests through Parchment, the leader in eTranscript exchange. CLICK HERE to be taken to the website to sign in or create an account.


You can send official transcripts to colleges, employers, NCAA, individual emails, and so on.  Transcripts are uploaded by the Counseling office at Mater Dei, Parchment makes them official and sends it to the destination you entered.  You have the choice of sending electronic copies, which are sent immediately once uploaded, or paper copies that Parchment will mail for you. 


Current students When you create an account as a current student, be aware that your Mater Dei email will not work after you graduate.  You can either use a

                            personal email to create your account, or be sure to add your personal email to your school account so once you graduate you still have access. 


Graduates | If your name has changed since you graduated, be sure to place the order with the name you had when you attended Mater Dei and your correct graduation year. 


**IMPORTANT MESSAGE - If you created your account with your Mater Dei email, you need to add your personal email to your account so when you graduate and your MD email is deactivated, you can still access the account.  For instructions on adding an email or merging accounts, click here


If you have any questions or trouble with Parchment, please contact the Counseling Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Crosby | | 714.850.9565


Any student under the age of 18 and enrolled in school needs a work permit to have a job in the State of California. 
  • Both work permits below MUST have a parent signature in order for the school to grant the request  
  • Requests can usually be granted in one day 
Most common work permits 
  1. Get Hired | You must already have a job in order to obtain a permit
  2. Request form | Fill out the State of California Work Permit Application (see below) This is the application to obtain a work permit 
  3. Submit | Turn the request form in to Mrs. Crosby in the Counseling office, or email her a copy |
  4. Receive work permit | We will create your permit based on the information for the request form
CLICK HERE for the State of California Work Permit Application
Entertainment Industry work permit* 
*Slightly different process and form than above, please make sure this is the permit you need*
  1. Get Hired | This is for students that are in film, TV, media, modeling, etc. You may be an independent contractor, not hired by an agency yet
  2. Work Permit | Fill out the Entertainment Industry  work permit for the State of California 
  3. Submit | Turn the work permit in to Mrs. Crosby in the Counseling office, or email her a copy |
  4. Receive work permit | You will receive the work permit back, with the school portion completed

In order to officially withdraw from Mater Dei High School, please follow the steps below in this order:


  1. iPad | Must be turned in to the Tech Hub (in the Library) before we are able to withdraw the student
  2. Withdraw form | Once the iPad is turned in, the Tech Hub will supply you with the withdraw form
    1. Top half - Complete as much student information as you can - *a parent/guardian signature is required*
    2. Bottom half - Please visit each office to obtain the required signatures:
      1. Library (iPad)
      2. Dean’s office (Discipline)
      3. Business/Main office (Financial) This is where you can make remaining payments or discuss any refunds.
Once all of the above is complete, you are all set to leave campus. The Business office will then share the form with the Registrar who will sign and make the official withdraw from Aeries. 
Records | Once the withdrawal is complete, you will receive an email from the Registrar with a copy of an unofficial transcript and immunization records, which will help with enrollment at the new school. Once enrolled, the Registrar will work directly with the new school to send all official records.