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Learning Outcomes

Mater Dei High School provides a holistic Catholic educational program, which emphasizes spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, social, moral, and creative endeavors, and promotes enthusiasm for life-long learning. Our Integrated School Outcomes (ISOs) are as follows:

Intellectual Development

● Identify, locate, evaluate, synthesize, and apply information correctly and critically
● Use technology and media ethically and responsibly to enhance learning
● Engage in constructive discussion and debate while respecting differing viewpoints
● Communicate effectively through speaking, writing, social media, and artistic expression

Spiritual Development

● Learn and grow in Gospel values and virtues
● Understand and respect Catholic faith and Tradition
● Participate in liturgical opportunities, prayer celebrations, and Christian service
● Embrace faith, hope, and love as a way of life

Social Development

● Value diversity and affirm the God-given dignity of each human person
● Weigh consequences, act with integrity, and take responsibility for their decisions
● Commit to the physical and emotional wellness of self and others
● Understand and apply Catholic social teaching to promote peace and justice