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Our Mascot's Meaning and Symbolism

About Mater Dei’s Mascot – the Monarchs

The Monarch is the secondary spirit mark of Mater Dei High School. As a secondary mark to our interlock logo, the Monarch should be featured in large format whenever possible and should never be scaled too small to prevent loss of effectiveness. The Monarch is allowed as a stand-alone figure representing school spirit including athletics, the arts, and campus life.

The first graduating Class of 1953 selected the Monarch (a lion) as our school’s official mascot along with the colors of red, gray, and white. Over the years, the tradition of the mascot grew to include a male lion named “Monty” and a female lion named “Molly.”

What Does it Mean to be Monarch?
The Lion or Monarch is a beacon of light, courage, bravery, agility, and dignity.  Mater Dei Monarchs embody Honor, Glory, and Love, with strength of character, determination of faith, and servant leadership. 

Commonly referred to as the “King of the beasts,” the lion is an emblem of Kingly power and might. The Christ-lion, the Lion of Judah, is a beacon of light, courage, bravery, agility, and dignity. He is a fighter and signifies the line of David, descended from the tribe of Judah. Jesus is our lion who retreats before nothing – not temptation, suffering, sin, or even death. The lioness depicts our Great Mother – Mary, Mater Dei – our Protector, our Patroness.

What’s in a Mane?
The size and coloration of the Monarch’s mane signifies fitness, health, skill, ability, and might. However, not all lions develop manes of equal size or coloration. It takes sturdy genes and a very healthy constitution for a lion to live long enough to grow a substantial mane. The length and darkness of a mane are caused by the lion’s habitat. Lions living in warmer places have lighter and shorter hairs than those in cooler regions.

Thus, the mane of the Monarchs represents the enduring legacy of our school and pays homage to our location in Santa Ana, CA, where we proudly stand as the oldest Catholic high school in Orange County.

Tradition Never Graduates
As Monarchs, we know that our bond transcends our high school years: “Once a Monarch, Always a Monarch.”

As a community of faith bound by Mary, Mater Dei, we also believe that God is ever with us: “I command you: be strong and steadfast! Do not fear or be dismayed, for the Lord, your God, is with you wherever you go.”  - Joshua 1:9