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Book Buy Back (May 2018)

The Mater Dei Campus Store offers students an opportunity to return their books to the Campus Store for store credit.
Book Buy Back Dates:
Seniors                  May 21 (8am - 3pm) and May 22 (8am - 1pm)
Underclassmen     May 31 (8am - 3pm) and June 1 (8am - noon)
All returns will take place in the Campus Store.
Returns are Easy!
  • Pick up a credit slip from the Campus Store and complete before your Return Date.
  • Bring all qualifying books, books for donation, and credit slip to the store at one time on your Return Date.
  • Receive credit to use the next school year!
Seniors who have siblings continuing at Mater Dei will have their credit issued to their siblings.
Seniors who do not have siblings that attend Mater Dei will have a refund check issued and mailed to their parent/guardian in July 2018.
To qualify for return, all books must:
  • Be returned in one trip.
  • Have been purchased from the Mater Dei Campus Store during the current school year.
  • Be correlated to the classes you are/were enrolled in for the 2017-18 school year.
  • Be in good condition. Books with tearing, excessive wear, profanity, and excessive writing are not acceptable.
All books that do not meet these requirements will be donated and credit will not be issued.
Returnable Books:
  • Perrine's Literature: Structure, Sound & Sense, 12th AP Edition (978-1-28-546234-9)
  • Everything is an Argument, 6th Edition (978-1-45-763149-8)
Performing Arts:
  • The Stage and the School, 9th Edition (0-07-861627-1)
  • The Great Conversation, 7th Edition (978-0-199965-1)
  • Psychology: Principles in Practice, 2010 (978-0-554-00401-3)
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology, 8th Edition (978-0-13-136352-6)
Social Studies:
  • History of Western Society, 10th Edition (978-0-312-64058-3)
  • American Pageant, 13th Edition (978-0-02-140323-3)
  • Economics, 20th Edition (978-0-02-140323-3)
Book Donations
Any books that are not being bought back will be happily accepted as a donation. We appreciate your generosity.
Mrs. Joanne Kim
Campus Store Manager
(714) 850-9572