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2021 Book Buy-Back

2021 Mater Dei High School
Book Buy-Back Policies
Book Return Dates:
Seniors: Monday, May 24 (at the MAC)
Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors: June 9 (8am - 3pm) and June 10 (8am - noon)
All returns will take place in the Campus Store.
Returns are Easy!
  • Pick up a credit slip from the Campus Store and complete before your Return Date.
  • Bring all eligible books, credit slip, and printed class schedule to the store at one time on your Return Date.
  • Receive credit to use the next school year!
Seniors who have siblings at Mater Dei will have their credit issued to their siblings. Seniors who do not have siblings who attend Mater Dei will have a refund check issued and mailed to their parent/guardian in July 2021.
Eligible Books
Course 154 - Introduction to Philosophy
The Great Conversation, 8th Edition (9780190670610)
Course 243 - AP English Literature and Composition
Perrine's Literature, 12th Edition (9781285462349)
Course 260 - AP Capstone Seminar
The Bedford Researcher, 6th Edition (9781319058487)
Course 330 - AP European History
A History of Western Society, 10th Edition (9780312640583)
Course 333 - AP United States History
American Pageant, 13th Edition (9780738612263)
Course 344 - AP Macroeconomics
Economics, 20th Edition (9780021403233)
Course 349 - AP United States Government and Politics
American Government: Stories of a Nation (9781319195366)
United States Government & Politics (9781531112837)
The list of eligible books will continue to be updated.
Books must be in like new, excellent, or good condition. This excludes books with excessive damage.
Book Donations
Any books that are not being bought back will be happily accepted as a donation. We appreciate your generosity.