Credit Recovery

Mater Dei Credit Recovery courses are offered to Mater Dei students through MD Connect. This program will provide students with the opportunity to remediate a D or F grade in the courses offered. The cost for this program is $300.00 per class, per semester. Fees must be paid by the second week of the course.
Please note that fees are non refundable after the start date indicated below.
Online credit recovery courses are rigorous and require dedication and commitment from students. Expectations are the same as for traditional Mater Dei classes.  Please note that no refunds will be given should a student abandon a course after the first class meeting.
Mater Dei High School will do its best to staff Credit Recovery courses; however, some courses may not be accommodated if appropriate staffing cannot be done. Please note that signing up via the registration form does not admit you to the course. You must 
Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors may only enroll in 1 semester course without prior approval from their School Counselor and Mr. Baarstad. Seniors may enroll for up to 2 semester courses.
Please check with your School Counselor before enrolling to make sure you are enrolling in the correct course and semester.
Spring 2021 Dates
February 8th - April 23rd: Click HERE to complete interest form.
Registration for Spring 2021 will be open January 25th through February 3rd.
Questions? Please contact Mr. Baarstad at 714.850.9542 or