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The Scarlet Scroll & CROWN Yearbook

The Scarlet Scroll and the CROWN are the official student newspaper and yearbook for Mater Dei High School. Production of the newspaper and yearbook are student-led experiences through the Film and Media Arts Department. Each publication authentically reflects the voices of our richly diverse student body. 

The Scarlet Scroll is the student newspaper of Mater Dei High School. Our mission is to serve as an open forum that showcases the diverse backgrounds, interests, and talents of the Mater Dei student body. The staff plans to achieve this by providing credible, impactful and engaging content that provokes conversations and upholds the First Amendment.


We offer a four year program for those interested in participating. In order to be considered for a position on staff, students must begin with Introduction to Media, a UC-approved "F" (visual and performing arts) elective. Then, students may enroll in Newspaper I and continue with Newspaper II or Newspaper III. Students selected to be editors will be enrolled in Newspaper II or III Honors. All Newspaper classes are UC-approved "F" electives.

Since the school's inception in 1950, the CROWN Yearbook as served as a historical document. It accurately captures each individual school year, including the unique experiences of our Monarchs, through stories and photography.