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Attendance Policy

Student attendance is governed by the rules and regulations of the CALIFORNIA STATE EDUCATION CODE and by the following information: The primary purpose of the Attendance Policy is to keep the parent/guardian informed as to the number of student absences in any class. The intent of this policy is to improve student attendance and not to impose sanctions. However, sanctions may be imposed should this policy be abused, according to the provisions of the Parent-Student Handbook listed on pages 16-18. Class attendance has been proven to directly relate to positive class performance.


In case of student absence, parents/guardians must contact the Attendance Office prior to 11:00 a.m. and explain the cause of the absence. Mater Dei accepts phone calls and hand-written communication; we do not accept email communication from parents/guardians in regard to their student absences. Please note that all calls and written communication are subject to follow-up confirmation. Please refer to the Attendance/Dean's Office directory below.