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College & Career Night

With nearly 100 schools and programs in attendance, our College and Career Night helps students and families learn more about available opportunities for life after high school - whether it is community college, four-year institution, military, public service, or other areas. The evening includes a Common Application Essay Review Workshop, other informational workshops, and time to meet with program representatives right here on campus. To help families prepare for this event, we host a virtual webinar the night before about how college decisions are made, the most important factors considered in college admission decision, and careers (and majors) which are growing. We look forward to you joining ups at our next event!
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Career Day
The Counseling and Alumni Departments host a Career Day for juniors each year. With a range of 40+ speakers, made up of our beloved parents and Alumni, students can discover a wide range of career information and job opportunities. Examples include law enforcement, computer programming, nursing and real estate. 
For more information about Mater Dei High Schools Career Day, Click Here
Senior Interview Day
Senior Interview Day is an annual event organized by Counseling and the English Departments to share valuable life skills to practice for a future real-world job interview. All senior students will be required to participate in a practice interview that will provide an opportunity to acquire, develop, and refine communication skills related to future academic and professional opportunities. Each senior participates in a 10-minute 1:1 mock interview with an MD volunteer during their English class in the MAC. Throughout the interviews, panelists will ask interview questions, assess the applicant, and provide rubric feedback.
Mater Dei students are encouraged to take the Career Cluster Finder and Career Interest Profiler. The Career Cluster Finder helps you identify your interests and discover career clusters that contain careers that might interest you. The Career Interest Profiler is an online career interest assessment for students based on Holland's interest codes. It allows students to complete an inventory that analyzes their own interests and pairs the results with potential career matches.