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Mission: Being a teen in high school has many aspects. A major aspect of blossoming into a teen is having a diverse social life. In high school, there are many opportunities to make new friends and venture out... however in a hospital, it’s a different story. As a member of CHOC’ing It Up, our goal is to include all teens at CHOC and give them the chance to bond with new peers. Every teen needs a friend.

Purpose: Most teens have the opportunity to join and hop from different friend groups. In a hospital, you are often surrounded by the same people. Not being able to branch out and find new friends, can induce anxiety and weaken social skills. In some severe cases, it can result in depression.

Description: Club members will interact with hospitalized teens through the internet. From giving a “good morning” text or hosting an Among Us game, all members will stay in touch with a specific teen. Occasionally, there will be game nights or movie nights (completely virtual).
President: Caroline Knox