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Student Technology Changes, Summer 2021

Mater Dei is making several updates for the 2021-2022 School Year. We will be changing to Managed Apple IDs for students, and switching to Microsoft Outlook as our main service provider for email. Click each section below for more information.
Managed Apple IDs are slightly different from personal Apple IDs, which students have used in previous years. Anyone can create a personal Apple ID for free and use it to make purchases and save data on an Apple device. A managed Apple ID is owned by an organization, such as a school. Managed Apple IDs are frequently used in schools to help manage student accounts on school devices, and to automatically assign apps and books to a device.
To prepare for Managed Apple IDs, returning students must change the email address associated with their current Apple ID to a personal email that is not yet associated with an Apple ID. This will allow students to keep their personal iCloud photos and documents from previous school years. Students will receive their new Apple ID login information when they pick up their new iPad at ReDD Days. The new Managed Apple ID Email will be the student's Mater Dei email again, however it will not have any of the old data associated with it. Students who do not change their Apple ID email before ReDD Days will be asked to do so before picking up their new iPad.
Mater Dei is changing the service provider for student's email from Gmail to Microsoft Outlook. Student email addresses will not change, however students will no longer be able to send or receive emails when they log in to Gmail. They will need to log in to Microsoft Outlook instead.
Students received instructions to access their new email, along with their new password, through Gmail in early June. Students can still log in to their account on Gmail to see the instructions, but will no longer receive (or have the ability to send) emails through this account. Students must log in to their account on outlook.com to see or send new messages.
Please note: Although Mater Dei is moving away from Gmail for email services, students will still have access to their Google Drive accounts (including any Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or other saved information). The login information for Google will not change.
When do I need to change my Apple ID by?
Students must change their Apple ID email by their ReDD Days appointment.
What happens if I don't change my Apple ID email?
The new iPad that students receive is associated with the new Apple ID account. In order to receive apps and books for the school year, students must change their Apple ID email.
What data will I lose if I don't do anything?
You will lose anything stored to iCloud, including documents, books, photos, and videos. You can save most of these files to Google Drive if you want to keep them in another location.
Will I lose my Notability?
If you have iCloud syncing turned on, your documents will be saved to the new Apple ID. To be safe, you should also back your work up to Google Drive. Be sure to back documents up as a PDF if you want to access them on a computer or mobile device that does not have Notability installed.
What is changing for next year?
  • Student iCloud accounts have increased storage: 200GB
  • Student emails will be accessed through Outlook
  • All students have full access to Microsoft Office applications, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, and Teams
  • All electronic resources will be distributed to students by the Campus Store and Tech Hub
  • All Apple purchases must be made through the Campus Store, including Apple Book and App purchases (most will be made at ReDD Days)
  • Students will receive a new iPad and keyboard case to use for classes
Need assistance? The Mater Dei Tech Hub has access to student account information, and is available to assist students from 8am-3pm for the summer. They can be contacted by email [email protected] or phone (714-850-9587) for assistance.
Updated July 25, 2021