Fund a Need: Faculty & Staff Appreciation Fund

In honor of Mater Dei’s 70th anniversary, Principal Frances Clare and President Father Steve Sallot are proud to announce the Mater Dei Faculty and Staff Appreciation Fund. 

Now more than ever, our faculty and staff have stepped up and gracefully met the challenges presented by unprecedented times. This fund has been developed to provide for professional development and other opportunities that will further equip our educators to continue delivery of  the high quality instruction for which Mater Dei is known.

Your gift to this fund is a direct investment in our faculty and staff, who impact the quality of our holistic education and allow our students to develop spiritually, intellectually, and physically. This fund will directly support our faculty and staff in a variety of opportunities including the pursuit of professional development outside of the classroom and obtaining advanced degrees.  We thank you for your kind consideration of supporting our dynamic and impressive faculty and staff.