Senior Reserved Painted Parking Spots - The Tradition Continues!




Last year we introduced the Senior Reserved Painted Parking Spot at Mater Dei and this year the fun continues! All of our Seniors who painted spots were so creative and their individuality really shined through. We are happy to once again offer Seniors the opportunity to purchase a limited number of Senior Reserved Painted Parking Spots.


These spots will be located in the Monarch Way Main Parking Lot in front of the Meruelo Athletic Center and along the backwall of the parking lot. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to COVID-19 and the change in the first semester school schedule, these spots will be sold for $300 this year.  Spots purchased will be yours from the beginning of the school year through graduation during school hours.


      • Sales will begin July 1 and will be on sale until they are sold out.
      • Once sold out, students may place their name on a waiting list via Google Drive. If a space becomes available, students will be notified in the order that their names were placed on the waiting list.
      • Students must submit their packet for review through Google Drive using their Mater Dei email address. Packet includes a copy of their purchase receipt, application (signed by both student and parent), their proposed design, and a copy of their drivers license.
      • All designs for Senior Reserved Painted Parking Spaces must be approved in advance by the school's Administration. Designs for parking spaces must be Christian decent and may not include political references, copyrighted logos, or references to anything that conflicts with Catholic teachings. 
      • Students will be able to select their parking space in the order that their information is received in Google Drive


If you are not a Senior, or if you do not wish to purchase a reserved painted parking spot, CLICK HERE for information on purchasing parking passes for the Parking Structure.  



Students interested in purchasing the Senior Reserved Painted Parking Spots must follow the steps below:





  1. Download, print and complete the following forms:
  2. Purchase your parking spot online from this page. A receipt will be generated.
  3. Take a screen shot and print a copy of your receipt.
  4. The following items must uploaded to Google Drive by 3:00 PM Monday, July 27,2020.
      • Signed and completed 2020-2021 Student Parking Application for Senior Reserved Painted Parking Spots
      • Signed and completed Senior Reserved Painted Parking Spot Design Request Form
      • Copy of the student’s driver’s license
      • Copy of the receipt from sale





You MUST use your MATER DEI Google account to access this form!







    • Students will be required to submit a copy of their design in advance for Administrative approval. Students will be notified to the status if their design approval. If not approved, students will be required to resubmit their modified design. Designs for parking spaces must be Christian decent and may not include political references, copyrighted logos, or references to anything that conflicts with Catholic teachings. 
    • Students who do not submit their application and artwork by Monday, July 27 will have the cost of their parking space refunded and will need to purchase a pass for the parking structure.
    • Design area is 6’ x 10’.
    • Submitted design must be replicated on parking stall exactly as submitted, including colors. Students may use their names on their parking spots.
    • Painting of reserved parking spaces are permitted during times indicated ONLY. Our painting days are August 1 and August 8 from 7:00 am to 3:00 PM.
    • Student must purchase exterior water based paint from Home Depot and Lowe’s along with any paintbrushes or other supplies they will need to complete their design. 
    •  Senior Painted Parking Spots will be reserved Monday through Friday during normal school hours (6:30 AM to the end of the school day).
    • Students who purchase these parking spots will have a special Senior Reserved parking pass hangtag issued that matches the number of the parking spot assigned to them. This hangtag must be displayed at all times. Students who do not have this hangtag will not be able to park in an assigned spot and will be required to park in the parking structure.
    • Students will be able to pick their parking spots once all of their information is submitted and approved. All required paperwork must be uploaded to Google Drive. Submissions will be time-stamped. Once documentation is approved the student will be emailed to select their parking spot.
    • Once we have sold all of our Senior Reserved Painted Parking spots, students names will be placed on a waiting list through Google Drive. Students who do not submit designs and required paperwork by the deadline will have their purchase refunded. If spots open up, students will be contacted to purchase open spaces in the order their names were added to the waiting list.


Purchase your Senior Reserved Spot TODAY! Spaces are limited and will sell out fast!



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