About CROWN Yearbook

A single edition of a yearbook serves many purposes. It is a public relations tool, reference book, record book, picture book, history book, but, most importantly, it is an educational experience. It is with this understanding that the editors and staff undertake their task to accurately capture the entirety of one school year. Yearbook is an elective course with beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels in which students learn the techniques and principles of yearbook journalism, the graphic principles of layout and design, and the fundamentals of managing a small business. The goal of the staff is to produce a journalistically sound, creative, and unique book on time and within a budget; foster student growth in journalism and graphic design; develop leadership skills; and provide experience in business management.

Yearbook offers a four-year program for those interested in participating. In order to be considered for a position on staff, students must begin with Introduction to Media, a UC-approved "F" (visual and performing arts) elective. Then, students may enroll in Yearbook I and continue with Yearbook II or Yearbook III. Students selected to be editors will be enrolled in Yearbook II or III Honors. All Yearbook classes are also UC-approved "F" electives.

For more information, please contact yearbook adviser Mrs. Alexa Sueiras at asueiras@materdei.org.