Scholarships 2018-2019


2018-19 Scholarship Information will be posted throughout the year as scholarship opportunities become available. Stay tuned!


Important links:

Scholarship Experts

One of the best, most comprehensive free online scholarship searches available to students, parents, and educators.

Latino College Dollars 

Scholarships for Latino students regardless of immigration status.

College Answer

Sponsored by Sallie Mae, they use the Scholarship Experts data base.

College Board Scholarship Search

Utilizes a database of more than 2,300 sources of college funding totaling almost $3 billion in scholarships and aid.

College Data

This free scholarship search allows students to save results in a data locker.


Helps you hunt down the most ideal student loan, scholarships and other financial aid resources available

College Connection Scholarships

This service provides free scholarship searches and personalized scholarship application letters.

College Tool Kit

Search for scholarships by geography, heritage, religion, extra curricular, family affiliation, high school or scholarship name.

eCampus Tours

Uses a database of more than 10,000 scholarship programs that distribute awards worth more than $36 million.

Financial Aid Officer

This free scholarship search engine lists scholarships worth $1.45 billion.


The World's largest and oldest private sector scholarship database

Fast Web

Large database of free scholarships

Go College

This search encompasses 800,000 individual awards worth over $2.8 billion in scholarships

The Scholarship Page

Started by a student in 1997


Scholarship database of 3,0000 sources worth up to $3 billion

Scholarships Canada

Canada's most comprehensive scholarship portal

Can Learn

Another Canadian free scholarship search site

School Soup

Scholarship data base lists $32 billion in scholarships

Study Abroad Funding

Our comprehensive database of study abroad scholarships, fellowships, and grants can help make your dream of studying abroad a financial possibility and a profound reality. Scholarship searches can be conducted by country or subject.

International Education Financial Aid

College scholarship and grant information for US and international students wishing to study abroad

Gates Millennium Scholars Program
Billion dollar grant from the pockets of Bill and Melinda Gates supports the higher educational needs of high-achieving minorities 

Educational Excellence for Hispanics

To help Hispanic students and their families navigate the college process