College and Career Planning

The College and Career Planning exists for the purpose of preparing our students for life after Mater Dei.

We offer great resources and programs including:
The Naviance Family Connection College & Career Readiness Program
Each student will be given a registration code for Naviance, a comprehensive college and career planning website that will help students throughout the college admissions process. Some of the information on Naviance that should benefit students include:
-A College Matching section to help you find schools that are the right fit for you.
-Tasks that are assigned to you by the Guidance office to make sure you complete all parts of the college search and application process.
-A current list of scholarships available.
-A Career Interest survey to help you find the majors and careers you might like.
-Surveys to complete that will help the Guidance office serve you better.
-A scattergram that will show you the likelihood of being accepted to specific colleges based on past Mater Dei students.
-A section to list the schools you are interested in and are applying to so that you get reminder emails letting you know when those colleges are coming to Mater Dei.

These are just some of the great uses for the Naviance software. To access the Naviance Family Connections website, go to

College Night and Admissions Rep Visits
We work very hard to develop and maintain relationships with admissions counselors from all over the world. In October, we host our annual College Night with over 150 colleges and universities attending. Informative workshops covering topics such as financial aid and how to write an effective college essay are offered to students and parents that evening. College representatives also come during lunch throughout the school year. These visits are a great way for students to learn about schools and make a positive impression on the admissions counselors.

College Admissions and Application Planning Night for Juniors
During the second semester of junior year, the Guidance office will be having a "College Admissions and Application Planning Night" to get all students started on their college search and application process. Parents and students, especially those who are going through the admissions process for the first time, are encouraged to attend the evening event.

Topics covered include:
-Choosing a major or career
-How to find a college that's the "right" fit
-Testing Timelines for SATs and ACT
-Financial Aid & Scholarships
-Playing Sports in College
-Tips on filling out your college admissions applications
There will also be a separate presentation for Spanish-only speaking families.

Career Day for Juniors
The College and Career Center, in conjunction with the Advancement Office, holds a Career Day for juniors usually at the end of February. Students will have the opportunity to speak to Mater Dei alumni about their chosen careers and the path they took to get there. They attend two sessions in careers of their choice and then are welcome to speak to the presenters at our Career Fair during lunch.

Test Preparation Workshops and Full Length Practice Tests for the SATs/ACT
We offer free, lunchtime test preparation workshops for all of the SAT Reasoning Tests, the SAT Subject Tests and the ACT with writing. One of the premier tutors from The Princeton Review will come the week before the exams to give students helpful tips on improving their test scores. We also have full length practice tests available several times during the year so that students can take the exams without their scores being reported. In-depth test preparation classes are also offered throughout the year for those students who want extensive test preparation. Mater Dei students do receive a discount off of the regular Princeton Review classes.