Information & FAQs

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Please see the pages by course type for information on class times. Our final master schedule will be based on final enrollment numbers for all courses and that is not possible to know until right before Summer School begins. 

Incoming Freshmen: here

Credit Recovery: here

Credit Advancement: here

If you need a certain period or your student will participate in a camp or has other commitments to schedule around, please make sure to note it on the registration form. We usually have a very high success rate in ensuring that students can take the classes requested in a schedule that works for them. 

registration note

We are able to accommodate most requests for class periods and can work around many athletic camps and other activities if registration is completed by our Priority deadline of May 10th, 2021 and scheduling requests are noted on the online registration form.

 example registration note

Missed noting the request on the registration form? Contact us

Absences for online courses are defined as being unable to log in during the class time. If your student will be out of the local MDHS area, but able to log in for their online classes, there will be no need to notify us. 

Absences longer than 3 days require prior approval from the Summer School administrators. Email If the absence is due to a student’s current school not letting out until after our Summer School starts, we can most likely accommodate this. If a student will be attending Summer School purely for enrichment (not for a grade or to meet any placement or other requirements), they can miss more than 3 days.

**Our online courses are mostly synchronous (live) and students should plan to be available during the class time.**

Student schedules will be emailed a few days prior to the start of Summer School. If you request certain class periods and registered by our Priority deadline of May 10th, 2021 we can almost always accommodate these requests. This means that, for example, if you requested period 2, you can plan for period 2. If there is an issue accommodating a request, we will reach out as soon as we are aware of the issue. 


Monday, July 5th is a Summer School holiday. 

All courses run Monday June 21st - Friday July 23rd. All students will have a Final Exam on Friday, July 23rd.

For Credit Recovery courses, a student taking one semester of a course would be enrolled from June 21st-July 23rd. Fewer semesters of Credit Recovery lower the amount of class periods that need to be taken (lower the amount of hours per day). Each semester of Credit Recovery is one period. 


Mater Dei Summer School has a great relationship with Athletics. Please note participation in athletics (include which sport and level if possible) when you register. We will have the athletic camp schedule at the time of assigning your student’s classes and will make every effort to schedule around athletics. If at some point you learn there would be significant overlap, please contact the appropriate coach and contact us if unable to work around the overlap on the athletics side. 

example registration note

An Incoming Freshman student taking only one High School Preparatory class would attend during one period only (60 minutes/day, Monday-Friday).

High School Preparatory Class times: 

1st Period 8:00 – 9:00 am

2nd Period 9:10 – 10:10 am

3rd Period 10:15 – 11:15 am

4th Period 11:50 – 12:50 pm

Welcome to Mater Dei! Students who do not attend Mater Dei (and will not be starting as a Mater Dei Freshmen), need to send copies of the following by June 20th, 2021:

  1. A copy of your transcript (submit HERE)
  2. Approval from your current school to attend Summer School at Mater Dei (an email or note sent to
  3. Health form (submit HERE)
Note: you may submit the above items either before or after registering your student, but completed registration and the 3 items above must be received no later than June 20th. *We recommend registering and submitting all items as far ahead as possible. 

A personal electronic device, such as a tablet, computer or Chromebook will be required for all classes. Mater Dei will not be able to provide iPads to check out for Summer 2021.

The personal electronic device will need to have a camera and microphone. 

electronic devices

Math courses come with subscriptions to Math software (covered in the registration fee). 

Art 1 requires a touchscreen tablet and stylus

Digital Photography 2 requires a DSLR camera (limited # of cameras are available for checkout to MDHS students; be sure to note the need of a camera on the registration form)

Teachers will inform students of any other specific requirements on the first day of class. 

If a student would like to participate in Summer School, but does not have an electronic device to use at home, email

The last day to register for Summer School without a late fee is June 18th, 2021.
If possible, please register asap.
For the best chances of enrollment in the time options, space in your student's course(s), and offering of your student's courses, please register as soon as you know the courses are needed. Please see our Refund policy on the registration page for information on dropping courses and please inform us of any changes to your student's requested time or other factors that affect scheduling as soon as you are aware. 

Credit Recovery courses are for students who completed a course, but earned a D or F grade.

Credit Advancement courses are for students who want to get ahead by taking an entire semester or a year of a course that they have never taken. Students taking Credit Advancement courses must meet prerequisites set by the relevant departments (except Art 1, which does not have prerequisites). Prerequisites can be found in the Mater Dei Course Catalog.

Credit Advancement courses include all of the material and skills covered during the regular school year within the 5 weeks of Summer School. A significant amount of homework and studying outside the class time are needed for success. With that being said, most of our students find balance with the help of their teacher and are able to be successful and many even participate in athletics or other activities along with their coursework. 

Students taking Credit Advancement courses must meet prerequisites set by the relevant departments (except Art 1, which does not have prerequisites). Prerequisites can be found in the Mater Dei Course Catalog.


When on campus: Blue or black jeans without any rips with a Mater Dei, Summer School, or college T-shirt and tennis shoes with socks is the best outfit to plan for. Long Dockers-style shorts are allowed and Mater Dei or college sweatshirts are allowed. (No athletic shorts, sweatpants, yoga pants, sandals). Summer School t-shirts will be available for purchase ($10) when Summer School begins. 

If on an online webcam course meeting: Mater Dei, Summer School, or College T-shirt or sweatshirt. If the student cannot obtain any of those specific types of T-shirts, then a plain red, gray, or white T-shirt will work. Jeans, long pants, or shorts no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. 

All outfits must be Christian decent. 

dress code example

If a student is on campus and needs lunch, it will need to be pre-ordered through the Summer School Office. We will provide details on this in June. 

We are not able to offer accommodations during Summer School. These include, but are not limited to, additional testing time, testing in our Learning Center, test readers, note takers. 
Our Incoming Freshmen High School Preparatory courses are designed for students who need more help with the subjects and the pacing and exams take this into account. 
Our Credit Recovery courses are designed for students who need help to pass the subject. Pacing and timing are appropriate to this. 
In many cases, yes for students taking online courses, but the following must be met:
  • Student must be a current MDHS student and if not a US citizen must have approvals to take US courses for credit. MDHS international students, you can check with our International Student Director, Ms. Lee on this. 
  • Student must have reliable internet access
  • Student should plan to log in with the class (be available for class time on CA time)

We offer most any course a Mater Dei student needs through Mater Dei Summer School. If your student needs a course that you don’t see on our website, please contact us. Only courses taken through Mater Dei will be listed on a student’s Mater Dei transcript. We cannot guarantee that courses from other programs will meet your student’s needs for remediation, advancement, and placement. It is important to contact your student’s Academic Counselor to review any outside program you are looking at.

The following applies to MDHS students. If attending our Summer School from a different high school, please consult your school (see requirements for Non-Mater Dei students). 
Incoming Freshmen High School Preparatory courses: not taken for credit, completion will be noted on MDHS transcript, marks will be provided to department chairs for placements
Credit Recovery courses: if the student earns a higher grade than the original D or F, then the D or F gets an * mark, the new grade is listed under the Summer School term, and only the new grade is factored into the GPA
Credit Advancement courses: if the student earns a C or higher, then the grades are reported on the transcript and factor into the GPA. If a D or F is earned, the course is not reported on the transcript. If a student audits the course (chooses to take for preparation instead of credit, no grade is reported). Auditing status should be noted with the registration form and should be solidified no later than week 2 of Summer School.