Absences & Scheduling Requests

All Summer School courses run Monday June 22nd-Friday July 24th. Friday, July 3rd is a Summer School holiday.
Please click HERE to view our Tentative Summer School 2020 class schedule.
Major scheduling conflicts?
Due to COVID-19, all of our courses are available fully online. Required course meetings, live instruction, and assessments would take place within the posted course times. Please email the Summer School Office at summerschool@materdei.org if the student would not be able to be active online for more than 3 days.
Need to make a scheduling request?
The schedule cannot be finalized until we know how many students will enroll in each class, however most class times will be the same as the Tentative Schedule. Please note any scheduling requests, including preferred class period or activities to schedule around, when you register on our online Registration Store.
Requests made by the Priority registration deadline of May 31st, 2020 are more likely to be granted.
Absence Policy
Students should not plan to miss more than 3 class days. This includes missing required time online. Exception: student's middle school or high school (other than MDHS) ends up to one week after our Summer School begins (note on registration form). All other absence requests extending more than 3 days must be made in advance by emailing summerschool@materdei.org.
Final Exams
Final Exams in all courses take place on July 24th, 2020. This includes all course types and all formats. Summer School closes on July 24th- all student work and final exams must be turned into our instructors by that date. Early Final Exams will require approval from the Summer School Office and instructor, and an Early Final Exam fee for each early exam.
When will I receive my schedule?
Student schedules will be emailed a couple of days prior to the start of Summer School. If you requested certain class periods and registered by May 31st, 2020, we can almost always accommodate these requests. This means that, for example, if you requested period 2, you can plan for period 2. Please be sure to check here to ensure that the course(s) your student needs are usually offered during the period(s) you requested. Please click here for additional information for registered students.