Requirements for Non-Mater Dei Students

We welcome students who attend other high schools to attend our Summer School. We want to ensure that we have all the proper information and to help you to ensure that your high school will accept our classes.

Please see the following for additional requirements for students who do not attend Mater Dei during the regular school year (does not apply to incoming Mater Dei Freshmen):

Each of the following must be submitted no later than June 18th in order to participate in Summer School at Mater Dei High School. If you have these items ready, please submit them now. If not, then you can access these instructions again from the Summer School website. 
  1. A copy of your transcript (submit HERE)
  2. Approval from your current school to attend Summer School at Mater Dei (an email or note sent to
  3. Health Form (submit HERE)
Although classes will be offered fully online, we are planning options for in-person office hours/tutoring. In order to participate, students would need to have a Health Form on file that must be reviewed by our Director of Health Services ahead of time. To prepare for this, a Health Form is required ahead of time for all students.