Summer School Health Form (non-Mater Dei students)

Click Here to complete the Health Form

(MUST BE COMPLETED by all non-Mater Dei students attending Summer School)

Make sure to include documentation showing most recent TB test results. You may include a picture or scanned PDF copy when you complete the Health Form, or you may submit a hard copy of a current TB test (June 2018 or later) prior to attending your first class. Alternatively, you may choose to visit your doctor for a TB screening. In that case, you may submit a TB Risk Assessment Form. These can be dropped off in the Main Office or mailed.

Due by June 16th, 2019

Alternatively, you may complete this hard copy of the Health Form and return it to the Summer School Office (rooms 607 and 609) prior to attending your first class. This can also be mailed or dropped off in our Main Office.