Class Retreats

The Mater Dei retreat program gives students the opportunity to examine and deepen their faith surrounded by a community of their peers.  As retreatants, the students are involved in personal reflection, group sharing, prayer, community building activities and the planning of the liturgy. The theme of the retreat is centered on the scripture readings for the day and is supported by all aspects of the retreat.  Retreats are voluntary and student or alumni directed. The class level retreats build in length and depth.  Twilight retreats are offered on an as needed basis.  All are invited to pray for retreatants, and/or serve as chaperones and support persons for the team leaders. 

Retreat Schedule for 2020-2021 School Year 
Freshmen and New Student Welcome Orientation - 08/06/2020
CLICK HERE for pictures from last year's Freshmen and New Student Orientation.  
Twilight Retreats - $25 per Person 
Twilight Retreats will be offered at various times throughout the school year to provide retreat time to those who need it.**  
2020-2021 School Year* 
        • Twilight Retreat Series Dates
        • August 31 - Prayer for the College Bound (Class of 2021)
        • November 30 - Advent: Stop, Seek, Serve (All Grades)
        • February 16 - Mardi Gras (Sophomore Class)
        • March 2 - Lent: Pray, Fast, Give (All Grades)
*All Twilight Retreats this year will be from 3PM to 7:30 PM in the Chapel Annex.*
**Sometimes Twilight Retreats will be offered for specific club or team.  At other times they will be offered to a specific class.  They can be for Faculty, Alumni, Current Students or Parents.  Please contact Mrs. Hart for details on the scheduling of a Twilight Retreat.**
Senior Service Retreat 01/31-02/02/2021  
A new retreat designed just for Seniors.  We will be participating in 25 hours of service locally throughout our community.  Students will be able to share in service experiences, witness talks, and discussions.
 CLICK HERE to see pictures from last year's Senior Retreat. 
Freshmen Retreat 02/08/2021 
CLICK HERE to see pictures from last year's Freshmen Retreat
Sophomore Retreat - February 16, 2020
(See Twilight Retreats)
CLICK HERE  to see pictures from this year's retreat. 
Junior Retreats - February 22-23, 2020 
We had a fabulous time on the Junior Class Retreat this past October.  Please 
 CLICK HERE to see pictures from this year's Junior Retreat.  
Class Retreat Application Information 
Permission forms/Applications are available for each class retreat approximately four weeks prior to the retreat. Spaces are filled on a first come, first served basis and availability is limited. Also financial assistance is available for all retreats; please speak with the Director of Retreats in Campus Ministry for more information. 
If you have any additional questions regarding the Retreat Program please contact Kendra Hart in Campus Ministry.