CM Commissioners

The Campus Ministry Commissioners serve as the student spiritual leaders for the entire MD community. Each day they write and read daily prayers for the entire student body. They organize all Campus Ministry Club meetings, events and service projects for the Mater Dei Community. The Campus Ministry Commissioners are responsible for conceptualizing and organizing all school-wide outreach efforts such as mission drives and disaster outreach. 
Christopher Barry
Lauren Amy Cruise
Melissa Dennin
Katherine Flathom
Victoria Golonka
Rodrigo Gonzalez
Alizea Hinz
Grace Hodgdon
Peyton Kassouf
Heidi Klingler
Victoria Lopez
Matthew Ludovico
Cami McDonnell
Gabriela Mourani
Sandra Muro
James (Joey) Murphy IV
Sean Murray
Zariah Nogales
Marco Rimicci
Matthew Sanchez
Kaylee Sanderson
Juliette Savarese
Sarah Schulist
Hanna Schulte
Dinh-Phi Tran
Tri Tran
Christine Vu
Brennon Willkom
Amanda Yap
Jude Zabala