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Mater Dei High School's Center for Learning is proud to offer several academic programs and classes designed to facilitate student learning, maximize overall potential, and teach students how to learn, not just what to learn.   


Muth Center for Learning


Monarch Academic Program for Success (MAPS)

MAPS was established in 1998 to support students with documented attention and learning differences. It has continued to increase in scope and size, with over 100 students currently enrolled. MAPS provides two tiers of fee-based support services designed to assist with executive functioning skills and self-advocacy, and focuses not only on what to learn, but how to learn.

MAPS Tier I: Accommodations Only


Tier I is designed for students who are working well independently, and wish only to utilize their accommodations. The $500 annual fee may be adjusted based on tuition assistance. Accommodations, determined per diagnosis, may include:

  • An Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) outlining academic accommodations
  • Extra test time (up to 50%) in the MAPS Testing Center
  • Oral testing, preferential seating, peer note takers, & assistance with scantron use
  • Use of Learning Center computers for written tests
  • Final exams administered in the Learning Center
  • Small group/1:1 orally proctored finals (determined per need; extra fee per exam)
  • ACT/College Board application assistance for accommodations
  • Use of a calculator on math exams (per diagnosed mathematics disability)
  • In-services and speakers regarding college planning, learning strategies, wellness, etc. 


MAPS Tier II:  Day Class and Accommodations


Tier II is designed for students who need assistance with executive functioning skills, academics, technology, and assignment completion built into the school day, with a focus not only on what to learn, but how to learn. It is strongly recommended for freshmen, transfer students, and students with impacted schedules. The $1,700 annual fee may be adjusted based on tuition assistance. Tier II includes:


  • Accommodations, determined per diagnosis, as listed in Tier 1
  • Specialized executive functioning hard copy planners
  • An annual subscription to, a 24/7 live online tutoring platform
  • Enrollment in the MAPS day class, a graded elective with a low student-teacher ratio
  • Ongoing collaboration between students, MAPS staff, teachers, counselors, & parents
  • Mini-lessons on relevant topics (organization, goal setting, note taking, management of sleep and anxiety, writing proper emails, test taking strategies, self-advocacy, learning styles, etc.).







Mater Dei strives to teach all levels of cognitive ability.  The Options program strives to provide an inclusive Catholic education to students with mild to moderate intellectual differences. Options students receive a modified curriculum in our content-rich classrooms and small group or individualized instruction when appropriate. Options offers students with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to grow academically, socially, and spiritually with peers in their community. 



Students receive:

  • Individualized education designed to meet their academic needs and build upon their strengths and interests.
  • A credit/no credit grade in the classroom and a Certificate of Completion rather than a Diploma at graduation. 
  • Support through peer mentors, who are trained by the Options staff. Peer mentors encourage interactions, reinforce learning, and promote positive relationships. They act as teachers, coaches, tutors, and friends.