Academic Support

The Mater Dei counselors and staff are here to support all students’ academic success. Whether you are hoping to improve your grades or strengthen your study skills, please see our MD Academic Supports and Skills for Academic Success Checklist.



  • MD Teachers - When you have any questions about class assignments, topics, tests or grading, our Mater Dei teachers are your best contact. Communicate with your teacher in person or by sending them an email.
  • Blackboard - Check your upcoming assignments and plan to study ahead of exams
  • Canvas - Check your grades on assignments and tests. Make sure you complete any missing assignments and make up tests needed. Parents, you can set up a weekly grade summary report email from Aeries to help you check on your student’s progress.
  • Office Hour - Use your Office Hours time wisely. It is meant for getting ahead on homework, getting additional support from teacher (just sitting in their classroom does not count—ask questions!), and working on group projects.
  • Peer Tutoring - During office hours, peer tutors in CSF and NHS can help in all subjects. Please speak to your counselor if you are interested in peer tutoring.
  • Academic Assistance Program (AAP) - MD teachers offer free, drop-in tutoring for one hour before/after school. Check for the most updated AAP schedule on the Muth Family Center for Learning page.
  • Tech Hub - If you have any issues with your iPad or technology, ask for support at the Tech Hub in the library.
  • Wellness Counseling - If something else that is going on is making school work difficult, please speak to your counselor. Your school counselors and wellness counselors are available to support any social/emotional/personal concerns.
  • Learning Skills - Year-long elective class on study skills and habits
  • Math Lab / World Languages Lab - Year-long elective classes supporting math and world languages
  • Learning Center - The Learning Center (LC) is a dedicated space in the library open to all students from 7:30am to 3:30pm who need extra assistance and/or a quiet, monitored place to study. The LC is staffed full-time by two learning specialists.
  • Monarch Academic Program for Success (MAPS) - MDHS provides reasonable accommodations and support within its current classroom organization to students with documented learning/attention differences through the Monarch Academic Program for Success (MAPS). Please contact the Muth Family Center for Learning for more information.



Ask yourself the following questions to see which academic success skills you can build.

  • Do I communicate with my teachers about what I need or don’t understand?
  • What do I do when I have a question? Whom do I ask?
  • How do I utilize Office Hours?
  • How often do I check Aeries/my grades?
  • How do I organize my assignment due dates and upcoming test dates?
  • How do I prioritize and manage my time? What are my goals?
  • How do I take notes in class or when reading?
  • Do I use more than one method of studying? For example, I review my notes, make flash cards, complete a study guide, and quiz myself.
  • What does my homework environment look like? Is it organized, quiet, and free from distractions?
  • Do I take breaks from homework as needed?
  • Am I getting good sleep, eating healthy, and staying hydrated?
  • Do I check before going to bed that I have everything I need for the next school day turned in or prepared in my backpack?