Letters of Recommendation

To request a Letter of Recommendation:

  • Download, complete, and submit the appropriate questionnaire (Counselor or Teacher Recommendation).

  • The information you provide will be used only in your letters of recommendation for college and scholarship applications.

  • Please be as honest, thoughtful, and thorough as possible when responding to the questions. Provide specific examples whenever possible.

  • Please waive your right to view your recommendation.

  • Please ask your counselor/teacher and submit your questionnaire at least 3 weeks in advance of your first application due date. This does not include the holidays.

  • Counselors/Teachers will write letters of recommendation only after your submitted questionnaire is received.




1. Download the 2020-2021 Counselor Letter of Recommendation Questionnaire

2. Upload your completed PDF to the Submission Link (google form)

  • Note: There is a student section and a parent/guardian section to the questionnaire
  • Common App: Counselors can submit your letters of recommendation and secondary school report only after you have ordered your official transcripts through Parchment



1. Download the Teacher Letter of Recommendation Questionnaire

2. Give your completed Questionnaire to your teacher and ask whether anything else is needed

  • Note: You will need to complete a separate questionnaire for each teacher.


*** Please remember to give your counselor and/or teacher at least 3 weeks notice before your deadline. Otherwise, your counselor/teacher may not have enough time to complete your secondary school reports and letters of recommendation.