Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs)

Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs)

Mater Dei High School provides a holistic Catholic educational program, which emphasizes spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, social, moral, and creative endeavors, and promotes enthusiasm for life-long learning.

1. The Mater Dei High School graduate is a person EDUCATED IN GOSPEL VALUES AND VIRTUES who

• exhibits an understanding of and respect for Catholic faith and Tradition.
• recognizes and affirms the God-given dignity of each human person.
• demonstrates compassion toward others through care and service.
• participates in liturgical opportunities, prayer celebrations, and Christian service.
• embraces faith, hope, and love as a way of life.
• uses his/her Catholic education to guide him/her now and in future endeavors.

2. The Mater Dei High School graduate is an EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATOR who

• expresses thoughts clearly and correctly in speaking and writing.
• articulates ideas effectively both in presentations and interactions with others.
• listens attentively and critically.
• processes diverse concepts.
• understands and employs the arts as a means of expression.
• engages in constructive discussion and debate while respecting differing viewpoints.

3. The Mater Dei High School graduate is a RESPONSIBLE DECISION MAKER who

• considers a variety of perspectives when drawing conclusions.
• uses creative and critical thinking skills to solve problems.
• weighs consequences and takes responsibility for his/her actions.
• is able to make objective and informed decisions.
• applies Catholic moral teaching and prayer to life decisions.

4. The Mater Dei High School graduate is a person LITERATE IN INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY who

• exhibits a broad understanding of technology and its relevance in our changing world.
• utilizes a variety of programs, platforms, and applications.
• reads and comprehends complex literary and informational texts independently and proficiently.
• is responsible for the legal and ethical use of technology and social media.
• integrates knowledge of information and technology into higher education and the workplace.
• identifies, locates, evaluates, and applies information effectively.

5. The Mater Dei High School graduate is a SOCIALLY-RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN who

• takes responsibility for his/her own actions.
• promotes the common good through positive involvement in the larger community.
• respects diversity while learning and working collaboratively and cross-culturally.
• examines world situations in a critical and logical manner through acts of Christian charity, compassion, and justice.
• demonstrates pride and civic responsibility.
• understands and applies Catholic moral teaching in response to injustice.
Revised 2014