August is National Make a Will Month

Did you know that August is National Make a Will month?

A majority of Americans do not have a will – upwards of 60%.  Are you part of the majority? 


People tend to think planning a will is morbid, but it’s actually about life and making sure that your assets provide support for the people you love. It isn’t about controlling from the grave, it’s about creating opportunities that continue to give benefit for years to come. National Make a Will Month is a great reminder to us all to take proactive steps to create a will or review and update one.

Mater Dei High School is pleased to be a trusted resource for our Monarch families as they create and/or revise their estate plans. 

Helpful Documents

Estate Planning for Digital Assets and Social Media

Estate Planning Guide

2019-2020 Donor Education Seminars
  • Young Adult Emergency Workshop 
    A great workshop for young adults who have turned 18 and are going off to college. This workshop provides an overview of the process and documents necessary to create a young adult emergency plan, giving families peace of mind knowing that they will have access to information and the ability to make decisions should an emergency or crisis arise. 

  • Estate Planning for Generation XYZ 
    Young families just starting out often think they aren't wealthy enough to create an estate plan- especially if they have student loan debt. However, if you have young children or own a home, you need to learn the issues and your planning options, and to understand the potential consequences for making the wrong kind of plan.

Thanks for reading and happy planning. Should you have questions, need a referral to a trusted professional, or want further information, please know that we are here to help. 

Erica Adams, VP of Advancement
(714) 850-9533

Allison Bergeron '96, Director of Estate & Alumni Giving
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Kathleen Kelly '94, Director of Alumni Giving & Relations
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Whitney Pavlik, Coordinator of Estate & Alumni Giving
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