Using Your RMD for Charitable Giving - It's a Win/Win

Take a few moments and watch this helpful video:
When you turn 70 1/2, the IRS requires you to take a minimum taxable amount annually from your tax-sheltered accounts (like an IRA) called a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). If you're in the fortunate position of not needing your distribution, did you know you can satisfy your RMD through a qualified charitable distribution (up to $100,000) to an eligible charity? 
Deadline: You must take your FIRST RMD by April 1 of the year after you turn 70 1/2. After that, the annual RMD deadline is December 31. For questions or further instructions about how to support MD through a gift of your RMD, please contact Allison Bergeron '96, Director of Estate & Alumni Giving at (714) 850-9532 or e-mail at 
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