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In a world where chaos reigns, one teacher stands with the Mater Dei Faculty of Truth, Justice and the American Way, ready to guide your students through the process of discovering the truth for themselves. This teacher has been married to his wife since 2002, and together they have braved endless Costco and Babies-R-Us runs to raise two beautiful daughters to the 8th and 6th grade levels. Never ones to shy away from a challenge, they also have a miniature Schnauzer, a leopard gecko, and 4 chickens. This dauntless educator and his brood are hoping to have chicken eggs by Christmas, 2020. What’s next for our hero? Elections, AP Exams, and the reality that high school is on the very near horizon. Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of… The Teacher. 


Education: Bachelor's Degree, Teaching Credential

Bachelor of Science, Political Science- Texas A&M University; Single Subject Teaching Credential (Social Studies and Life Science)- Cal State Fullerton

Teaching Since: 2013

Teaching at MD since: 2014