How to Start a Club

How to Start a New Club

 Step One: Decide on the type of club you want to start

Social/ Entertainment: A means for students with similar interests to gather together and explore those interests
Humanitarian/Awareness: Provide some type of community service or host events in order to help others.

Educational: Usually associated with a school-based curriculum and often includes competitions or conferences.

Athletic Competitive Clubs: Requires a coach/moderator to oversee practices, competitions, and other events as mediated by the school.


Step Two: Finding a Moderator

Your moderator needs to be a Faculty/Staff member of Mater Dei High School. When you approach a moderator, please direct them to the “Moderator Information” page of the application so that he/she can be aware of the requirements before agreeing to take on the club. Once you have a moderator, you are ready to begin the application process.


Step Three: Application Process

With your moderator, fill out the application and submit to the Associate Activities Director. Applications open August 14 and all paperwork is due to the Activities Office by 3:00 August 23.


Step Four: Administration Approval

You will receive an email from the Associate Activities Director regarding your club’s application. If approved, you will receive information for club fair. Note: No club can begin meeting until receiving the email from the Associate Activities Director.