iPad Return Dates & Procedure

***iPads can be returned on the following days: 



(Early Returns) Monday, May 20, 2019, Library, until 4:00pm

(iPad Return Day) Tuesday, May 21, 2019, LeVecke, until 1:00pm

(Late Returns) Wednesday/Thursday, May 22-23, 2019, Library, until 2:00pm

***Students must return their assigned iPads no later than 2pm on May 24.


iPad Return Procedure Tuesday May 21 2019:

*** In order to receive graduation tickets, cap and gown, iPads must be returned.

  1. Student enters LeVecke through the designated entrance ONLY.
  2. Please have your assigned iPad removed from its case ready for return prior to entering LeVecke. You will not receive an iPad Validation of Return card unless you turn in your iPad.
  3. iPads will be inspected to ensure that students have followed the correct reset procedures. Detailed instructions on how to do this will be sent separately via email and will be posted on Canvas. Failure to complete this step correctly will jeopardize the issuing of the iPad Validation of Return card.
  4. Once iPad is returned and checked in, students have completed the iPad portion of their graduation requirements and will then receive their cap and gown and graduation tickets if there are no other outstanding graduation related issues. Any student who does not have an iPad Validation of Return card will not be issued cap and gown or graduation tickets.

Instructions on preparing your iPad and for the Google Apps Account migration will be sent out shortly via email and will be posted on Canvas. The Google Apps Account migration must be carried out before July 31. Student MDHS Email accounts will be deleted after this date. If you have any questions, please visit the Tech Hub as soon as possible.

A complete list of all the returnable books will be made available in the beginning of May 2019.