President's Message

Dear Class of 2020:

You are departing as I am arriving! Mr. Murphy really should be writing this as he has been the leader of the school while you have been here. The word on campus is that you are an outstanding Monarch graduating class. Soon you will be part of the great Monarch legacy of being a graduate from this school. You have every right to be proud to claim your Monarch diploma and tradition. Returning to the school after 20 years, I see the traditions and qualities of Mater Dei are imbued in you. May the Lord bless you as you venture forth.
This website is prepared for you as a guide through your remaining days at Mater Dei. It is important that both you and your parents have a clear understanding of the guidelines for your last days with us. If you follow these guidelines, your final months will be enjoyable and successful. I would hope that you would not get in a situation that might diminish your experience in this last semester that might cause you to miss graduation or a delayed diploma.
Your families and school have invested much for you to be successful. Make us all proud to see you receive your diploma on Graduation Day.
Class of 2020, enjoy these days...but not too much! What has been put together for you has been done so by administrators and faculty who desire the best for you. Go Monarchs!
Together in Mary, Mater Dei,
Fr. Steve Sallot