Mater Dei High School's Field Turf Campaign

The current turf fields and track were installed in 2003 & 2004 to accommodate 17 different athletic team levels and hundreds of students athletes. In 2003, the lifespan of field turf was 10 years. During these past 14 years, the athletic program added boys and girls lacrosse as well as outdoor athletic training, thus increasing the wear and tear on the athletic field. It was crucial to redo the field turf and track surfaces. With the original substructures in great shape, the top layer was re-done over a two year period (2015-2016). With new field turf, our students experience significantly fewer neural, cranial cervical, and 3rd degree injuries; increased field usage and safer playing conditions; reduced water usage and maintenance costs; and consistency in field conditions and parity in competition. Renovations are ongoing and will include the addition of a second high jump pit, a new Track PA and automatic timing system, renovation of the shot put area, sleeves and netting for lacrosse and an upgraded baseball sound system.

We need your support!  If you are interested in making a contribution to the Field Turf Campaign, please use the donate now button or contact the Office of Advancement at 714-850-9534. All donors at the $25,000 and above level will receive permanent recognition on the monument located inside the football field area. Donors up to $25,000 will receive recognition in all materials and on the MD website.

Thank you to everyone who has made a gift or pledge:

50 yards & above Hall of Fame Club $25,000 & above


Dr. and Mrs. Carlos Prietto and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Strader

Mr. and Mrs. John Caskey                           

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Neglia

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Godin

Mr. and Mrs. John O’Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Bozorgi

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Conway

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Menzia

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kincaid

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Svendsen

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Bauer

Mr. and Mrs. Ash Narayan

Mr. and Mrs. Butch Twining

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Muth

Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Yeager


25 yards Champions Club $10,000


Mrs. Isabelle Villasenor

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stephen 


10 yards Scarlet & Gray Club $5000


Mr. Jerry Higman

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Moos


5 Yards Monarch Club $2500


Mr. and Mrs. Dru Fanticola

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burton

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Alvarado

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wheeler


Individual Yards Victory Club $1000 per yard     


Mr. and Mrs. Juerggen Klinsmann

Ms. Linda Stephan

Mr. and Mrs. David Wiggs

Mr. John Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Kotch           

Mr. Frank DiBella

Mr. and Mrs. Keiser

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brewer

Mr. Dan Zabala

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Winton