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Monarch Connection


Monarch Connection is an onboarding program designed for Freshmen students. It is adopted from the nationwide program known as Link Crew. It is designed to welcome and support 9th graders by connecting them with Connection Leaders, who are positive, responsible, hand-selected 11th and 12th graders. Connection Leaders will help them feel more comfortable as well as help them achieve success in their first year of high school. Leaders will meet with their groups during monthly Office Hours to check-in and discuss related topics that are specific to our 9th graders.

Is this a required school day?
This day is not required, but it is highly encouraged that every Freshman attend. We have so much information to share that will help students become familiar with Mater Dei and what it means to be a Monarch. Students will be meeting with their groups monthly during designated office hours. This day is a great time to meet the other students in your group and to have fun!
What if my student cannot make it? Is there a make-up day?
Due to the nature of the program we do not have a make-up date. Students who are unable to attend will join their groups during the monthly check-in meetings during office hour.
Do parents attend this event?
No, parents will drop their students off at the Meruelo Athletic Center (AKA the MAC or gym) for a day full of fun! Check-in begins at 7:45 AM. The program will run 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Parents will pick their students up in front of the Meruelo Athletic Center at 12:00 PM.
What do students need to bring?
We have everything that students will need. They just need to bring a refillable water bottle and dress comfortably.
What is the dress code for Monarch Connection?
Students will be active and should dress comfortably. It is preferred that they wear a Mater Dei t-shirt with jeans or khaki pants. If a student does not have a Mater Dei shirt they can wear a red, white or gray shirt. Students must wear closed toe shoes with a back. Tennis shoes would be perfect! Sandals, flip flops and slippers are not permitted. Shorts are not permitted for this event. 
  1. Every Freshman will receive an invitation in the mail to Monarch Connection Day. Those invitations will be going out this weekend. If they have not received the invitation by August 1, 2022, please email Mrs. Diana Neustadt at [email protected] to request one.


  1. A day or two before the big event, your child will also receive a phone call or email from their Connection Leader personally inviting them to Connection Day and providing details of where to be and what time. The Leaders can also answer any questions your student may have.


  1. Your student is encouraged not to bring backpacks, purses or other like items as the day is quite active.


  1. Because the day is active, please make sure that your student wears comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement. It is preferred that students wear a Mater Dei t-shirt or polo shirt with jeans or khakis.


  1. Cell phone use is not permitted on this day. Students are welcome to bring them, but they will need to be put away during the sessions.


  1. We encourage all students to bring a refillable water bottle. We will have water stations throughout the campus where bottles can be refilled.
To get an accurate head count for the day, we are asking all incoming Freshmen students to please RSVP for this event. CLICK HERE to let us know if you are able to join us!

Jeanette Costa – [email protected]

Arthur Hinojosa – [email protected]

Diana Neustadt – [email protected]