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Wellness Counseling


Outreach Concern, Inc., was founded in response to the urgent need to give our children a resource dedicated to their mental and emotional well-being.

We provide comprehensive counseling services to more than 30,000 children and families in 30 elementary and secondary schools throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties. Our programs are designed to empower teachers, support parents and strengthen families. Most of all, we are committed to providing the kind of compassionate intervention that can positively impact the life of a troubled child.

Outreach Concern's uniquely comprehensive base of programs empower youth with the self-esteem and problem solving skills they need to overcome the challenges they face in today's world.

And there's no question that the impact is real. In a landmark study of 488 children from all of our service schools, the grade point average of the kids who received counseling rose significantly-many times by as much as an entire grade. This can be the difference between passing and failing. Between going to college-or not. Counseling works.

School may be the only safe haven some children have. The world our children are growing up in is far more difficult than the one we knew. Families struggle to keep themselves with fewer supports. Because of child abuse, children are taught to fear strangers. Because of the rise of gangs, they also fear each other.

We know that when children are burdened with family or personal problems they cannot concentrate in school, and the benefit of a private education can be wasted. That's why we believe in treating the whole child. We work closely with families and teachers to ensure the best possibility of success in school.

Our staff is comprised of licensed mental health professionals and highly trained, qualified intern-counselors. On-campus counselors give hurting kids direct access to a confidential source of help, when and where they need it most. Our 24 hour Crisis Hotline number posted around campus further assures kids can reach out for help any hour of the day or night. All counseling work is closely supervised by licensed clinicians working within the code of standards and ethics set forth by the Board of Behavioral Sciences.

And all counseling is performed within the tenets and teachings of the Catholic faith.

Outreach Concern offers a full program of psychological counseling services and prevention programs to school children and their families. Faculty members are also welcome to use our counseling services -as important role models and support systems, their health and well-being is part of the holistic treatment of our children. Services include: On-campus counselors, 24 hour Crisis Hotline for children, Family crisis counseling, Crisis counseling for faculty members and their families, Education and prevention programs for parents, students, and teachers. Educational testing services, and All services, with the exception of educational testing, are available to you at no cost. On-going family, individual and marriage counseling is also available through our Service Associate staff of licensed mental health professionals who can work with you on a sliding fee scale.